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What is a Domain? The Very First Step of a Web Site!

A domain is the identity of the website you own on the Internet. When you get started to get access to the internet, you are given an Internet protocol number. This is called IP Address (Internet Protocol address). Every computer on the Internet has an IP address. The IP address of the other computer must be recognized in order to establish a connection with another computer. For example, the IP address of your computer is Other computers on the Internet will find you through this IP number. A domain is just an image of this number. So instead of typing the IP numbers in the address bar of your browser, you can access the desired site by typing in the domains encoded in IP numbers. The domain makes it easier to use IP numbers that are difficult to keep in memory in this sense. Briefly, domain IP addresses are encoded as letters. It is important that your domain name is convenient, easy, and rememberable.

When you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned an IP address. However, most users' IP addresses are dynamic, meaning that your service provider is assigned an IP address that is currently blank. So the last number of your IP address changes on each connection. The IP address changes each time you turn on or off the modem.

You Find Your Domain NameHow About Domain Extensions


If .net/.com/.org are not enough for you!Additional Domain Extensions!


This extension is shortened from the word "business", which means trade.


This extension means the word "information". English is short for "information".


This extension means the word "professional".


This extension is used for real names. It was produced by the word "nickler" in English.


This extension is for domains for educational institutions. It is coming from the word "education".


This extension can be used for websites of governements. Its long form is the word "government".

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Domain Transfer

A domain name of a company is transferred to a different company or person. This process is called domain transfer. Each domain name has a transfer password. For the transfer process, this password has to be learned from the company where the domain name is registered. Transfer process may take approximately 5-10 days. You may have more than one domain name and website. In order to transfer them, you can use our domain transfer service.

Domain Privacy

It is one of the most serious points for your security on the web. When your data on the web is not hidden, malicious people can reach your data and use them in the worst ways. In order to protect your data and make them secure, we have this service called domain privacy.

Domain Register

With this service, you can register websites. On the other hand, you can check whether that domain is free to buy or not.

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Something on your mind?Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, you have to make a decision about your domain's name and of course, its extension should be certain. For instance, they may be .org/.com/.edu/.biz/.net so on. While thinking about the name, you should be careful because your name should be related to the content of your website. After making a decision, you can check its availability with our service called WHOIS lookup. Additionally, it will show you other possible names that you may be interested in. Pick one of them up and add it to your shopping list. After completing the paying process, you will own that name completely and no one else can own it without your permission.

1. Determine Your Needs! If you choose a domain name according to your real needs, you will be able to make a better decision about your domain name which has to reflect your content.

2. Keywords Your domain name should be relevant to the keywords of your website. If you are careful about it, you will get better results.

3. Domain Should Be Short! If it is short, it means that it is memorable, catchy. Everyone can easily remember your domain name and get access to your website. Otherwise(If that is too long), no one can remember it and you automatically lose some of the visitors who would like to enter your website.

4. Extension Selection! Extension selection is important for your website because it is a way of saying: "We are working on..." As you know, every extension has some meanings and our suggestion is that you should choose your domain name's extension by your website's character.