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Domain Privacy

These words are very important for your security eventually. Domain and Privacy. Why we are saying it is because when you purchase a new domain address, some of your information is collected and can be written in public. It exactly means that some malicious people can get some information belonging to you and use them in a bad way. In order to prevent this bad possibility from happening to you, we have some security measures. We keep your domain name private/secret and no one can reach them. If they don't get access to them, it also means that they won't be able to see your other information.

Business Protection

The business world is not similar to other environments. It is usually too busy and full of projects to do. During these busy periods, you may make some mistakes such as forgetting your username or password or renew your domain name/rights. What will happen? So briefly, nothing. There is no need to be scared of the possibility that your domain name will be transferred because, in order to keep your domain name in safe, we have a service called "Business Protection". It will protect your domain name for up to 12 months. It will make your personal information, data and details safer than usual, prevent your domain name from being transferred accidentally or by web pirates.

Something on your mind?Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever a domain is registered, the owner of the domain has to provide personal information, such as a name, phone number, and address. This stems from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) standards. That information goes into the Whois database. The database is searchable, so if you own a domain and someone looks up that domain in the Whois database, they can see your personal information. Yet when you purchase Domain Privacy, we replace your personal information in the Whois database with contact information that routes back to If someone wants to contact you about a domain—regardless of whether it’s a legitimate inquiry—they have to check with first.

Without doubt, it’s always a good idea to cover personal information on the Internet. Every year, there are at least 250,000 unique phishing attacks worldwide and 35% of these attacks are related to e-commerce, ISP, hosting and file transfer related issues. In the specific case of Whois information, Domain Privacy can scale down spam and phishing mails, possibly obstruct attempted takeovers of your domains, and protect you against other domain-related suspicious activity such as brandjacking, DNS hijacking, and typo squatting.

By all means! When you log in to your account the first thing you see is your panel. From the domains menu, it is a piece of cake to add Domain Privacy to your domain, just like all the other services.

Excellent question! We help with your Domain Privacy in all extensions except .ABC, .DEF, and .GHI due to the rules set out by the providers of these TLDs. If that's the case for your domain, the option to add privacy won't show up in your Domain Manager.

Domain Privacy helps you hide your personal information which is necessary to provide in order to get a domain. Business Protection, on the other hand, looks after your domain even if it expires and you forget to renew it. Your domain will be safe for up to 12 months upon the expiry and in case you want to prolong your right of the domain use after it expires, you will still be able to purchase it without any red tape.