NatMes is a comprehensive and global hosting provider with other related services such as website design, web security, and search engines optimization. Contributing its customers' business in 15 different data centers located in every continent, NatMes has combined the power of experience with the passion of constant developing. Our team has the capability of mastering the recent IT approaches widely ranging from security to coding, designing, and managing websites and databases. Being a bunch of geeky software engineers and other qualified experts, we do our job with empathy, patience, logic, and style.


We always handle our clients' requests with placing ourselves in their position. We know that a request received at midnight, cannot be left to the morning because we live in a world practically without time zones.


We are aware that our customers may not necessarily know details of our jobs. That's why they work with us. It doesn't matter what their support requests are about, we are ready to help them.


It is no doubt that cybercrimes are one of the most destructive actions against businesses. When we take measurements for our servers, we do not ignore any possible vulnerability which may destroy the reputation of our clients and inevitably, ours.


You may think that our geeky style is one million mile away from aestheticism. We are here to prove this idea wrong. Our designers are capable of putting whatever our customers want into practice. Yes, our main strength is security. Nevertheless, not only are our websites secured, but also attractive.