Does Google Ads Work?

We love Google. Seriously. Where would we be in both our personal andprofessional lives without it? Because Google is such a powerhouse, you wouldthink that we would be big supporters of a service like AdWords.

Let’s take a look at the brief reminder of what exactly Google AdWords is.

In a nutshell, AdWords is Google’s paid advertising product. Have you ever seen those ads that appear at the top or side of your screen? Those are AdWords ads that a company paid for so that people will notice their business whenever they’re searching Google. And, they only have to pay whenever someone clicks on the ad. This is known as cost-per-click advertising (CPC).

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Ways to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Conversion

A few extra seconds could have a huge impact on your ability to engage visitors and make sales. Therefore, having a fast website speed is essential — not just for ranking well with Google, but for keeping your bottom-line profits high.

A one-second delay in page load time results in:

  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 7% loss in conversions
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