About Web Security

We provide cutting edge security tools to help you protect your customers from hackers.

Your Protection is Our PriorityWEB SECURITY

What is Web Security?

If you have a website requesting users to give personal information, such as credit card details, you need to provide them with a detailed protection. We offer SSL certificates to cover you with encryption techniques. Then, take a look at our website security plans and see if you need one.

If you are looking for more, we have website backup solutions in an offline platform with an absolute isolation. Last but not the least, we clean up your website from any infection issues, even if your website is not located in our servers.

The Main ComponentsWEB SECURITY

SSL Certificates

It is a no brainer that you should provide a safe environment for the users of your web site. Any web browser recognizes secure websites thanks to the “https” prefix obtained with a trusted SSL certificate. View Details!

Website Security

You don’t have to have a website visited by millions a day to bear the risk of malware attack. Being infected, your website may lose its popularity. Take necessary security precautions before it gets too late.View Details!

Website Backup

Cyber security is our key strength. We provide our customers with utmost website backup service harmonized with the latest techniques. We store encrypted backup versions of your website in our online and isolated servers.View Details!

Malware Removal

If your website is infected with a malware, we'll eliminate any threats and fix your website as many times as needed until its ultimate safety is established. We employ our know-how and skills to repair your site manually.View Details!

Something on your mind?Frequently Asked Questions

It is true that an SSL certificate encrypts data for your customers but it has nothing to do to guard your website from other vulnerabilities, such as malware or DDoS attacks.